Yesterday, April 10, 2009, Chad went to the temple for the first time. He was able to receive his endowments. It was a wonderful session. Our cousins, Thomas Long & Colby Bingham, also received their endowments during that session. It was so neat to have all the family there for it. Chelsea was the only one in our family that didn't get to go. She did baptisms while we were in the session, so we were all in the temple at the same time. That was neat!
We are all so proud of Chad and his choice to serve a mission. It was so neat to be in the temple with him and to share that special time with him. Congratulations Chad!


  1. That was a nice post, wow I forgot we were doing this. I'm glad someone is thinking straight! Did you know the countdown is not working? I don't know how to fix it, or I'd do it myself. Anyway, great job! Oh- maybe we should change the number of posts shown to like 10. That way when Grandma or someone gets on who might want to catch up or reflect on his mission call video they can just scroll down. Just a suggestion! Love ya!

  2. This was an awesome day. I hope we can all get back together again at the temple when they come home. Wouldn't that be amazing!