Chad's "Not Farewell"

On July 12, 2009 Chad spoke in Sacrament Meeting. He spoke about how his family has influenced his decision to serve a mission. He did a great job! The program was supposed to have Jennifer, Nicole and Chelsea preform before he spoke, however, Brother Morrell decided to flip it on us and had us preform after Chad spoke. That was not very nice, because Chad made us all cry right before we preformed. Oh well! Jennifer played the piano and Chelsea and Nicole sang "The Greatest Among Us." It went really well. It was nice to have so much of the family there.

After church we had dinner in the back yard. The day started out really nice and then the storm hit right after dinner. The thunder and lightning was ridiculous! We had to pack up and run inside. Here are a few pictures from the dinner.


  1. Chad did such a great job on his talk (even if he did say "virgin" instead of "version.") He he. You could really tell that he is very prepared and will be a great missionary.

  2. Oh, and the song was nice, too. We had to sing AFTER Thomas spoke, too. Definitely not a very nice thing to do. :S